HES Code

1. What is HES Code?

During controlled social life conditions, HES (Hayat Eve Sığar – Life Fits Into Home) code helps you safely share your Covid-19 risk status with institutions and individuals for activities like transportation or visit. Shared HES codes can be checked through the app or services provided to institutions.

This code solely serves as a risk mitigant for infection in long distance transportation vehicles during travel. Covid-19 patients or contacted people will not be able to use public transportation. We use this code to inform you if anyone in the same vehicle is disgnosed as positive.

You have the full authority on generated HES codes. You can share your HES codes as long as you desire or you can delete them.

2. How to get HES Code?

There are three ways:

Your HES code;

• via Hayat Eve Sığar App (IOS and Android),

• via SMS to 2023;

Write HES and National ID Number, last four digits of National ID serial code and days of sharing (number of days), respectively and with spaces between asked information) and send SMS to 2023,

Individuals with no National ID or Foreign ID (starting with 99,98,97) numbers can travel without HES code until 5th June 2020.

By 6th June 2020, these individuals can get HES code via sending SMS to 2023. Nationality, Passport serial number, year of birth and surname will be provided in the SMS, with spaces between asked information.

Individuals with National ID number starting with 97,98,99 can get their HES codes via SMS to 2023; National ID number, year of birth and sharing time (as number of day) will be provided, with spaces between asked information.

• By e-Government,

3. How to Use?

Generated HES code are send to related company, institution and individual and therefore, it will be possible to check if the related person has disease risk with this code.

You can share your generated HES codes with institutions or individuals directly or via mobile app. Institutions or individuals can check if you have any risk in terms of Covid-19 just by checking the HES codes you already shared. Similarly, you can check the HES codes shared with you to see the risk status of other individuals.

4. What is HES Code For?

Companies or institutions check the health status of the individual with the code. If there is risk, travel or visit activity of related individual is not confirmed.

• For instance, you will share your HES code before the travel (by plane, train or bus). Therefore, it will be possible to check the Covid-19 risk of all passengers through the shared HES codes and risky individuals will be restrained from travelling. You will be able to protect yourself in this way.

Besides, for the last 14 days; if you have travelled with individuals, who do not bear any risk during travel but subsequently become risky. you will be contacted to provide healthcare and counselling services.

5. Is it Safe?

You have the full authority on generated HES codes. You can share your HES codes as long as you desire or you can delete them.

HES codes are singular codes generated specially for you. You have the full authority and control on generated HES codes. Instead of a static number like National ID Number, you can generate unpredictable and special codes for every share or you can delete them. You can set time limits for your HES codes, therefore even if you forget about them, you can still control your shares. Besides, thanks to HES code, you will not have to share your personal data such as National ID Number.